Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Startune- First

First time at Startune and an interesting experience.
I say interesting because kids are quite meh to me. We drew things and folded things.
There was a lot of action happening, especially because we had so many boys. At one point we made paper guns and a war literally broke out. They wouldn't sit down or be quiet and it was hard to get them to focus. They hardly listened to our commands as well. I make them sound like animals but at that age, and those boys in particular, they were like animals. The girls were okay though, they didn't talk much but they cooperated well.
It really confuses me how girls and boys at the same age can act so differently. Actually that still applies to my age group now. Do girls mature faster?

Another reason why it was interesting-
They really were just normal kids. You don't see them as kids from low income mainland Chinese families, in fact they all speak perfect cantonese. I've realised that mainland Chinese families/people who come to Hong Kong always make cantonese their kids' first language.

I'd say that it was fun overall for a first time. They all did what they were told (sort of). But there's always that one kid that tries to be the smarty poopy and be like I KNOW EVERYTHING. This said kid is the one I am talking to in the video. Enjoy.

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