Saturday, 8 February 2014

Ski Trip- Dolomites, Kiens// Day One

Wow I look so happy! This was before we started.

After the first day. As you can see, I am severely unamused.

Extremely horrible first day.
I signed up for the intermediate because I thought, well okay if I did it five years ago maybe I can do it now. Haha no.
Literally went straight onto the slopes and I just could not keep up. I mean I don’t even remember techniques and things, there was no warm up!
The number of times I lost control on that first slope is uncountable.
I decided that it was too much for me, so I joined the beginner group. They didn’t do much, so I asked if I could do my own thing, so I did.
Went on a little slope a few times to try to familiarize myself again. After lunch I went back with the intermediates, again, I died. This time we went to the top of the mountain which was meant to be ‘the same difficulty’. It so was not. The fog and snow and everything just makes it so much less happy and sunny. Which is what it is like at the bottom. Which is what I like.
Again, the number of times I fell is uncountable. The rest of the group behind me were pretty mad because I was going quite slow.

All of this mixed together was just a horrible day for me.

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