Saturday, 8 February 2014

Ski Trip- Dolomites, Kiens// Day Four

We skied for three hours today. Went up to the mountain again, fell twice in the first couple of minutes. Ha ha. After that I didn’t fall though which is great. I think I have more control now. Still no control, but more control. I hope I’m getting better. I feel like I am getting better, but slowly. Sadly tomorrow is the last day skiing! Benny has been a really good instructor though, he’s so patient and leads us through everything and gives us good advice.
After skiing we took a one hour bus ride to a biathlon place. Not sure what it’s called. There were special skis- very thin and light and poles that were sharp at the bottom. It’s easier to move with those skis compared to normal skis, but you are more prone to falling. This was cross country skiing I think. We had to go up and down hill as well which was not very good. My first uphill went crazy. I kept slipping because I couldn’t get my skis into the right position. I got it in the end though. The key is to dig the insides into the snow and walk up in reverse snowblau. Going down though, I could not go down without falling at the end. I did it twice, both times I fell. He said lean forward, so I did! Still nope.
My favourite part was definitely shooting though. We had proper rifles and they taught us how to get down with the skis on. First time I did it, I got 4/5 targets, seconds time 5/5 targets. Not bad I think for a first time! It was easier than I thought it was going to be.
We had a race at the end. Five people in a group. We went one lap around and then got down to shoot. If you missed a shot you had to do a penalty round. Again, got 5/5 targets! No penalty rounds done J
Not going to lie, it was tiring. Especially with skiing and the biathlon both in one day.

Tomorrow is the last day of skiing! Hoping it will be a good one. We got back late tonight from watching a ‘ski show’ yet I am still up. Yay. We’ve been sleeping so early every night from exhaustion, there is literally no time to do my coursework. Ugh.

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