Saturday, 8 February 2014

Ski Trip- Dolomites, Kiens// Day Two

Joined the beginners for real today.
I actually had a lot of fun today! We went at a nice pace, anything we weren’t too good at, Benny would explain to us. We did little exercises that helped us in full-on skiing.
Towards the end we started to go properly fast. I loved it! I fell twice but it was okay because I got up in about ten seconds. Years ago when I used to go skiing with my parents, I was known for going really fast and going in a straight line. Not sure where that has gone, but slopes in Asia are probably not as intense as they are here. I really am not sure, it’s been a while.
Quite proud that I can turn parallel-y now and drift. Pretty cool.
I wish I could do stuff on my own though, then maybe I’d be able to explore and see what level I’m really at.
Nonetheless, today was so SO much better than yesterday.

Found two bruises today. I know one was from yesterday, not sure about the other though. But they’re both quite intense. Oh well. Battle scars.

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