Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Running To Stop The Traffik' 13


My team was GSIS A and we placed 18th overall. Not bad I think, compared to last place last year!
My goal (our goal) this year was to not get last. And we didn't!

I was team leader for the GSIS A team and Elaina was team leader for the B team. When signing up for this I had no idea that I had to run as well, being team leader. When I found out, which was a couple of weeks after getting the team leader position, no doubt I was shocked and in horror. Fit? Not me. Elaina and I went to several meetings held by the core directors of the race- mostly for getting our runners together and fundraising issues. That is still not over and fundraised money is due early December! I hope my runners have raised enough money.. Our target this year for each runner was $1875 because last year our school raise $5000 (i don't mean to be mean but last year's team leader, whoever it was, was no use at all). I myself have raised $3000 which I am quite happy about.

For preparation, I planned about five training days where we would go to the peak and run. People who said they would come, didn't, so that was a bit disappointing. In the end we had about four trainings, all in which I ran one lap. Haha. I am such a fittie. So lazy, much lazy, very lazy.

I decided that the most effective way to run the race was to have everyone run one lap each. This worked quite well, and we got quite a bit of rest in between. This race really needed a lot of team work and I am glad to say that I definitely saw that in the 24 hour span! When someone couldn't run due to injuries/was too tired to run, someone else would take over and run their lap willingly, and that really made me smile. I was not the one who ran other people's laps, apologies, I would have walked the whole thing since I already had trouble doing one round. I ran a total of 6 laps (19.2km), or well, I walked half of it, pretty much. But I still did it didn't I? This race challenged my fitness (almost?) to the limit. I have never in my life ran/walked 19.2km in 24 hours. My goal was actually to run 10 laps, but clearly I was too ambitious.

As team leaders we were specifically told at the meetings what cause we were running and fundraising for, what charity it was going to etc. Emails were sent out to runners about all this information of course, but I bet 80% of the people didn't read it or read the first paragraph. The core directors did give us the chance of getting the owners of the charity to come to our school to talk, but we couldn't find a time. I think that they could have promoted it a lot more, especially during the race. As for me though, I learnt a substantial amount about human trafficking and its prevalence in Nepal. I also just came back from a school trip to Nepal which is why during and after my trip, I kept thinking about the issue and observing the place, just thinking about how and where people would do this. Nepal is a wonderful place for tourists though. No human being should be sold or bought to be slaves of any kind. I wish our world was fairer but that's a big thing to wish for so all I can wish for is change.

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