Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery Week: Nepal' 13

Day 1- Sightseeing

Roadhouse Cafe mmmMMmmmMMmm. Four cheese pizza, including yak cheese, which is SURPRISINGLY GOOD.

Monkey Temple

Roadhouse Cafe but a different one. This is the great and almighty Sizzling Brownie. I miss this so much </3 Probably the best dessert/brownie I have EVER, EVER had. If you ever go to Nepal, Roadhouse Cafe- go there.

Katja House- Cooking!


Cooking cheeken

I cooked dees

Buying cauliflower!

Cooking stir-fried veggies Chinese style. Which I thought was yums, the most yums dish I think that we cooked during the whole trip.

Happy doggie!!



Making some lemon chicken

This little girl is special. Couldn't communicate, but cutest and funniest little one ever.

This was my week in Nepal!
Most days we spent at Katja House which is a children's home quite far from where we stayed (Kathmandu Guest House). We actually only had about one hour a day with the kids which was a pity because they are so much fun. Honestly the whole trip overall was quite boring because we spent a lot of the time not doing anything. But when we were doing something, eating, cooking, playing with the kids, that was very enjoyable.

My goals for this trip were: to teach the kids chinese, use the blender, make smoothies/milkshakes, and cook Chinese food. 
What I really did this trip: play with the kids and cook for everyone.
I didn't mind much. I spent the majority of my time cooking with Donald my assistant hurrhurr. I'm not actually a very experienced cook, although there was one summer I cooked quite a bit. I think I'd call myself an amateur cook.
On one of the first days we helped the cooks at Katja House to cook which is the yellow looking chicken above. It's chicken with lots of spices and was GOOD. What was better was the veggie mix, also flavoured with spices. Nepal is quite similar to India, i've noticed.
On the last day I guess I was a bit too ambitious while planning. I was going to cook fried rice, curry and lemon chicken, but ended up only cooking Singapore curry and lemon chicken. I didn't know how many people we were cooking for while planning that's why it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.
The curry was alright, a bit diluted though. It was from a packet and I might have added a bit too much water. The lemon chicken was just bad. I am not entirely sure what went wrong. We cooked I think 3kg of chicken? 
First you're meant to coat the chicken in corn flour and we did that! I feel like the problem was in the corn flour but again, I am not entirely sure. So I coated all the chicken quite generously with corn flour and started frying it bit by bit. I added the lemon sauce after I thought the chicken was cooked and I was waiting for the chicken to cook and become like a golden brown but it just wouldn't go brown!!! I waited for quite a while and it didn't go brown so I just added the lemon sauce. ANYWAYS it was just not good and I could tell that people didn't like it either because lots of it was in the trash. It's okay, I don't blame you. I threw mine away too.

I didn't actually get to do anything I planned on doing because, like I said, I spent most of my time cooking. Also, the kids really just want to play. They are all so cute and have such personalities (in a good way). On the last day I played with this one girl a lot. The girl in the last two photos. She didn't speak English but she kept trying to talk to me so I'd just pretend to understand and nod my head and she'd be content with that so I'm guessing it was nothing that important. She had so many facial expressions it was actually so hilarious and fun to watch. Everyone else had a camera to play with and she really wanted one as well but no one would lend it to her and her face the whole time was literally :(. In the end she got one and was ecstatic and started taking photos of me nonstop. I told her where to press to take a photo and she got it, but every time she took her finger away from the button, she didn't know where to press to take a photo and I had to keep telling her. When she didn't know, she'd come to me and I'd point it out to her and she'd say, "Here?" and then continue to take photos. She was so cute!!!

This post was a bit long. I did enjoy Nepal to a certain extent. The sightseeing was a bit repetitive though. All the sights we saw were quite similar, not that I really expected them to be different, but still not that interesting. My favourite part was definitely the fact that everything was so cheap. I miss my sizzling brownie. Maybe one day I'll go back to Nepal for trekking!

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