Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hong Kong Dog Rescue- First!

I'm going to start naming my posts more interesting names and names that are more relevant to what happened. Couldn't really say much about this one, it was literally my first time to HKDR.

This is the dog my mom fell in love with. Her name is Peach and she's such a sweetheart! We looked her up on the HKDR Facebook page afterwards and the before and after photo is :O. But she is so loving and sweet. Sadly we can't bring her home because dogs are just generally harder to look after if you don't have a helper and a lot of time.

The last photo is the dog I walked. Not sure what his name is but he's a cutie too. Apparently he's socially awkward/shy which is why he stayed under the bench most of the time. He's fluffy and always panting but look at him, he's so cute!

When the doggies are happy, I feel happy. Except I accidentally dropped a dog at one point and it ran away crying. That was painful for both me and the doggie. I didn't mean to though! I have cats and cats are very acrobatic so when and if I drop them they reach the floor on their feet. So I was holding this dog and it wanted to get off so I was about to put it down but it pushed off my leg and I, subconsciously feeling that it was a cat, let go of it, and it actually turned midair and landed on its back and it cried and ran away. That was sad.

Here's the second dog sob story. I am apparently just not very lucky with dogs? We were going back to the HKDR hq and the place is not very big. So we pushed the door open and let the dogs in, and while I was trying to close the door (the door space is probably 20cm?), one of the dog's foot got caught under the door and we got it out but it cried and then it was limping and I was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And everyone was secretly blaming me but ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

That's it anyways. I still like doggies.

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