Tuesday, 1 October 2013

End of Kickboxing/Basketball 2&3

I had my last kickboxing class last week, and really I was the only one who went for all four classes. When I signed up, the sheet actually said 16+, but I sort of just looked past that. I realised when I actually went for the classes that when they said 16+, they literally meant anyone above the age of 16. Which was fine by me though, it just meant that I appeared to be doing better because everyone else was, not so good/fit/flexible (to be honest I'm not even that flexible or fit or good).

I was especially tired that day, not sure why, but I felt really weak. It affected my performance, obviously, and quite a few times I felt like I was going to collapse, but I pushed on!

I think my favourite 'moves' would be doing combos. It was, as the name suggests, combinations of what we learnt. Jabs, upper cuts, hooks, kicks etc. The only reason I liked it was because I got to work pretty much my whole body, arms and legs in particular. Mind you, these combos included occasional squats, lunges, and a whole lot of moving around. A lot harder than you think.

I'm not sure what actually motivated me to push on, maybe it was the music, or the strive to do well and actually improve my stamina and body strength. My arm strength=0. I don't think I will be doing kickboxing classes here again though. I actually expected to be kicking and punching proper punching bags buuuuut nope. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, but I didn't super enjoy it either. Ya feel me?

Not sure why I put by kickboxing reflection first, because I actually have basketball before I have kickboxing.

Basketball is not as tiring now! Thankfully, otherwise I would have actually collapsed last week. I was good last week! Good with my shooting I mean. I got a couple of goals, but that was it.. Better than usual which I'm proud of! I still have to learn to use my height more though. I'm usually in the middle, but really it doesn't make much of a difference for me because I just can't jump very high and I'm pathetic.

I do hope I continue to improve though, we have a basketball match against WIS next tuesday and the last time we played them we died miserably. I doubt the coming match will be any different.

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