Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kickboxing 2/Basketball 1

The A grades and B grades basketball have mixed, not that I mind.
It does mean that we have two coaches now, sort of. Honestly I like Mr Lewis more.
First day of basketball and it is honestly one of the most intense sessions of basketball I've ever had. I'm really not as fit as you'd think I am.
Intense dribbling and running. Lack of water.
My stamina= 1, aka I am unfit.
My memory might as well be the size of a tennis ball because I remember nothing.
But we did play a game, and I scored once/twice? Several times I attempted to shoot and closely missed... Definitely something I need and want to improve on.
I didn't get tired as much as when we were doing warmups though, I feel like that's always the case.
Mr Lewis likes to pick on me because I was late to a basketball game once... :(

I was late to kickboxing because I had to pick something up in Central.
But nonetheless, it was tiring.
Learnt some new kicks! Side kicks....... and other kicks, you know.
The first lesson last week we had about 6-8 people? Today we had four. I guess some people just find it too hard?
The thing that gets you working the most, is the fact that you hardly ever get to stop and rest. It is continuous and there is a lot of up and down movement, so that really works your legs.
I also found out that arm rolling
by arm rolling I mean this. Arm rolling is actually very tiring for your arms, especially forearm.

Let's see how much muscle pain I will get in the next two days. Hopefully not crippling.
That's it for now.. Yes I am doing basketball and kickboxing both on the same day, but only for three more weeks. After that I'll change the times of my kickboxing maybe and so I won't have to die twice every Tuesday.


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