Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week 2

Week three starts tomorrow but I might as well not miss out on a week.
Let's see.. Week two...
I'd say, to sum it up,
You think I'm kidding but I'm not.
And to think that it's only the second week, oh IB.

Let's talk about Chinese (not sex).
So I'm taking HL Chinese B, and I'm the only one in my class taking HL but I think the difference is that I have books and things to read.
Most lessons I have are SL, and I can tell you that this was definitely not what I expected. It is so intense and difficult (that vocabulary, seriously) that you really have to fully concentrate in class or else you'll miss some important point and be like oh shit later.
For HL my teacher just photocopied this book of short stories and was like HERE READ IT, BUT TAKE YOUR TIME OKAY. And I was like OKAY. I haven't started reading it but when I do, I will definitely post about how much fun I'm having xoxo

Math studies is easy. Full stop.

I won't say I like History but I don't hate it either. But the one thing that is getting me through is my personal tutor (aka dono), repeating things twice and explaining everything in detail. Thanks, love.
I'm also quite amazed at how much I can absorb when he explains it to me, and also when he says it twice. The amount of notes I have written in the past two weeks is.. a lot for me, probably not a lot for old history students.

There was this one question in Geography- The causes (social, political, economic, environmental) of Diabetes.
I have almost nothing for political, economic and environmental.. Environmental causes... The weather is gloomy and wet today, therefore I shall eat chocolate all day...

CAS-related Issues:
I think I should email the primary head about my musical again but I feel like she doesn't like me already... D:

I was meant to send in the form and money for my kickboxing class last week but I didn't heh and I'm only sending it in tomorrow when class starts on wednesday so I hope it's okay. And my hip hop class didn't get confirmed but I sent in the money anyways because mama already wrote the cheque, so I hope that's okay too...
If all goes well though, I'm super excited to start kickboxing!!! And hopefully hopefully HOPEFULLY hip hop.

I really want to do ice skating, run by Larissa as an ECA on fridays but I can't because I have to work on my musical :( :( ...if it goes through. I should probably email her now.

I'm in girls basketball A grade now!!! Not sure when training starts really but I know that I'm probably not in fit shape or fit skill (that doesn't really make sense but murh) to play.

That's everything for now!
Weed 3 of IB, here I come.

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