Friday, 23 August 2013

Week 1

Went into school not really knowing what to expect but everything was pretty much the same really. Except that things had been repainted, the most outstanding one, the courtyard. But that doesn't affect me or anyone so it's not that big a deal.

We did get our first common room though! There was a big fuss since we expected the common room next to the courtyard which is also bigger since our common room has become a bit like a fish bowl. I'm not complaining, I have somewhere to sit... most of the time. If the floor counts that is. I do wish we had more than one proper table though, I think it'd be useful for free periods to do work. But we'll see, we're supposed to be getting new furniture from the money Mother's Committee gave us? I really want to redecorate our common room though.

Nothing much on the first day, just some in depth introductions to CAS, EE etc. But on that day I did decide that I wanted to do a musical performed by the primary kids as my big CAS project.

Second day was the first day of classes!
I had double English and double Geography since there were no afternoon classes. I'm enjoying English so far, it's interesting, but my teacher's voice is a bit monotonous which kind of provokes sleepiness and occasionally drifting off and head bobbing. Other than that though, I think her teaching is good so far, and I like what we're learning!
I'm a bit worried for Geography since I didn't get such a good grade in it for GCSE's. Hopefully if I work hard enough it'll be okay.

Third day was ToK day.
Honestly, after my pre-IB camp and the whole day being ToK day, and learning more about ToK and things like that, to me, ToK is quite similar to bs. I'm not sure what I'm allowed and not allowed to say but that's just how I feel! (we're supposed to be principled right? honesty?)

Fourth day was second day of classes!
I switched from SL Maths to Studies because I apparently don't need it to do law in uni, so I'm going to trust my sources. In maths we did graphs, charts, and pictograms hehe. While the other classes were complaining about how difficult their double maths was, we can happily say we drew pictures and did pictograms!
Our history class is also a bit weird, because in order to fit it in, we have to skip PE and do history. I don't really have any objections, but it does mean that I will need to go to the gym more often..

That's it for now!
First week of IB over, second week, coming soon.

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