Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Toy Poodle and Grandma Days

Plum the grandma!





In a lot of these photos is a toy poodle named Tricks. This doggie and the other poodle (Treats) were new doggies at HKDR. I was saying to my mom that Tricks would be adopted within that week, and I was right, he was adopted in two days. He's so cute (i thought he was a girl at first) and he's 3! He's very dominant and marks his territory everywhere. I find touching dogs after they wee a bit weird because they're crotchy areas are wet. I'm probably just not used to dogs. But I carry them anyway.

The other doggie Treats was also adopted in that week. Not sure if Treats was a boy or a girl (let's pretend its a he) but he was always super happy and running everywhere.

Another doggie was called Plum and is the cutest grandma ever. She wouldn't walk so I had to carry her to the dog park. I'm not sure exactly how old she is but she's quite old. She just got fostered! She'll let you carry her and just do whatever with her. At the dog park she just strolled around and waddled, such a cutie.

The highlight of my visit to HKDR was definitely Tricks and Plum. Both so cute!! 

My mom is now also a volunteer at HKDR and she loves going there. She loves dogs. She is so in love with Peach and desperately wants to bring her home but we can't because we have two cats and most of the time no one is at home! She's going to be really sad if Peach gets adopted. I don't know. We really can't have her :(

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