Saturday, 26 April 2014

Shakespeare In The Port- Day 2

Today I was Viola from Twelfth Night. From reading Shakespeare's books, (i've read Twelfth Night) I honestly did not think that these characters would be, these.

Personally I like this outfit and wig better than the last. Still doesn't look too great, again with the Asians and white body paint, but we'll go with it.

This skirt is so tight. I have to pull it up hip by hip, same with taking it off. After I get it on it's fine, but the process is just not so fun. It's also quite restricting for leg movement.

After the first day, we realised that we didn't need that much face paint because it took absolutely ages to take off. Baby oil, face wipes, soap, tissue, didn't even cut it. There was excessive rubbing involved.
I also decided to buy my own baby oil to use. Helps a lot. Even after taking it off, my skin feels vey icky. Again, perseverance until my nice, warm shower at home.

I wasn't sure how to portray Viola, but because she has a male side, I tried to do an in between of feminine and masculine. Not sure if it worked, but no one complained of criticised so I assume it was alright. I have been sitting a lot though. I get tired easily. Still trying to stand more.

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